Smoke detector wifi camera2

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Real Powerbank:  With a capacity of 5000Mah, it can charge your iPhones, iPads or Android. It can keep recording for 7hours after fully charged. It is easy to charge the powerbank by connecting it to socket through adapter or PC. It can be charged while recording.

 WiFi IP Camera: There is no distance limitation for you to view or record live videos when the camera is successfully configured and connected on your smartphone, you will be able to view live videos via APP BVCAM.

Micro SD card recording: You have to plug in an SD card to save and record before use. It can support up to 64GB SD card. Loop recording function means that it will automatically overwrite the old files and save new recordings.

Motion Detection Alerts: Push notification and snapshot through BVCAM APP to notify you when motion is detected, you can also set alarm sensitivity level in the app.